Your hosts

It is a life project that finally becomes reality. After talking about this bed and breakfast project to those around us for so many years, we did it!

"We are delighted to open the doors of the Clos des grands rivières to you, and to be able to share with you this place of tranquility very close to La Rochelle. We have put all our heart into making it a rejuvenating and authentic place. And that is with great pleasure that we will welcome you in all simplicity and conviviality"

After a career in the social sector where I have always favored the support and well-being of others, I aspired to other horizons.
Training in massages to support well-being will be a revelation. And the way to continue in training in somatherapy.
Christophe, commercial real estate agent, will also be there to welcome you.

We acquired this house in December 2019. A real favorite for this old farmhouse built shortly before the French Revolution,
we have invested a lot for almost 3 years to make it a place to live that looks like us.
And the Clos des Grandes Rivières will continue to improve over time...