The canal

Le Clos des Grandes Rivières is 300m from the canal, and 500m from the Vélodyssée and Vélo Francette cycle routes.
The Marans/Rochelle canal winds its way for 24 km between the villages of Villedoux, Saint-Xandre, Dompierre-sur-Mer and Périgny. It is also called "Canal de Rompsay" from Dompierre-sur-Mer to La Rochelle. It was created in the 19th century to supply La Rochelle by river.

From here, on foot or by bike (35 minutes to be in the Old Port), walk along the Rompsay canal and let yourself be carried away to a setting where the calm of nature provides a feeling of peace. Under the shade of ash trees and abalones, you can observe many species that inhabit the waters and the banks of the canal. The white little egret searches the water with its beak, the swans glide between the aquatic plants while the tree frogs and dragonflies tease the water hens.

Protected asA listed natural site, the canal is dotted with remarkable points, recreation and picnic areas.